5 problems derived from sleeping on an old mattress

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We care about the quality of sleep that is why we develop mattresses that favor rest and comfort. Today we bring you on the blog 5 problems derived from sleeping on an old mattress. Since sleeping on an old mattress can lead to annoying and important health problems.

5 Problems derived from sleeping on an old mattress

Mattresses with 7 years or more besides losing firmness and quality become the particular residence of thousands of bacteria. When bacteria and mites accumulate in your mattress it is time to consider renewal, to avoid the appearance of health problems.

1. Sleep quality worsens and stress appears

When the firmness, qualities, and properties of a mattress begin to deteriorate, the quality of the sleep worsens. For no apparent reason tend to go around the bed and it is hard to fall asleep.

2. Allergy to dust mites and dust

Sleeping on an old mattress or in poor condition can cause certain health problems. Mites accumulated on a 10-year-old mattress can cause allergies to mites or dust. If these symptoms are maintained and measures are not taken with the mattress, how to change it, can lead to respiratory and ocular problems (such as conjunctivitis).

3. The appearance of mold and moisture

Moisture produced by sweating during sleep, over time can cause the appearance of mold. This happens even in the cleanest houses and with the highest hygiene measures. The important thing is that at the moment when the mattress shows signs of mold, respiratory problems can appear, if not remedied.

4. Discomfort in the cervical

An old mattress does not maintain firmness as a new one, adaptability gets worse. So the posture is modified when sleeping. This can cause pinching or jerking of the neck muscles. Originating that annoying cervical pain that considerably worsens the quality of life of those who suffer it on a daily basis.

5. Back pain

As we have pointed out in the previous point, over the years mattresses lose firmness. What causes the subject to sleep is not so optimal for rest. As a consequence, the posture is modified and the muscles, tendons, ligaments and in general the whole body suffers when we sleep.

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